The Doggyland Story

Caroline has been around animals all of her life, but dogs have always been of a special interest to her, she is passionate about them and how to give them the best life possible with their human family. Here is how Doggyland was born.

In 2008 Caroline travelled to Thailand to volunteer in a gibbon rescue center for 6 months, she loved it and loved learning and interacting with gibbons. She then volunteered at the ENP (Elephant Nature Park) in Chang Mai followed by more volunteering at the WFFT (Wildlife Friend For Thailand).

In 2010 She volunteered in Indonesia at the Tasikoki wildlife rescue center looking after wild animals such as orangutans, leopard, crocodile, monkeys, tropical birds, bears and much more.

In 2011 She was offered a job as assistant manager in a dog shelter on Koh Lanta, Thailand, for 8 months where she was in charge of over 30 dogs, she was also training volunteers to work safely around them. She enjoyed the challenge, and this job is what started her career with dogs. This is where she learnt that dealing with dogs is not just about being the pack leader, but it is also about trust and respect of each other.

In February 2012 she moved to Scotland where Doggyland social school was born. In November 2016 Doggyland relocated to the sunshine coast and this is where Doggyland is now helping hundreds of dogs every year.


Loki was born on the 31st of July 2017 in Brisbane & he is a pure breed German Shepherd, he is Caroline's best friend but most importantly he is Caroline's right hand with all the dogs at Doggyland. All the dogs absolutely adore him, and he is the center of attention everywhere he goes, and he loves it.


  • 09/2001 to 06/2005 - BSC with Honor in Zoology from Aberdeen University, UK

  • 02/2012 to 11/2015 - Diploma with merit in Canine behavior and psychology, UK

  • 03/2016 - Certificate of dog training : how to become a professional dog trainer

  • 03/2016 - Certificate of dog training : how to work with aggressive dogs

  • 04/2016 - Certificate of dog training : Growl class workshop on reactive dogs

  • 05/2016 - Certificate of dog training : reliability & games training workshop

  • 05/2016 - Certificate of dog training : how to train your dog to walk on a treadmill

  • 05/2016 - Certificate of dog training : How to introduce your dog to a new baby​

  • 07/2016 - Certificate of dog training : Simple solution to common dog problems

  • 07/2016 - Certificate of dog training : Dr. Ian Dunbar SIRIUS dog trainer academy

  • 07/2016 - Canine first Aid Course

  • 12/2016 - Treatment & Prevention of dog aggression : Biting & Fighting